I live with my family on the side of Haleakala at 4000 feet elevation on the west facing slopes. This is home to the cloud forests of the mountain and provides a unique opportunity for growing things.  I spend my days in the garden and the flower shop, both of which are on the mountain, and bring together lots of elements from many environments for growing and creating unique and exciting tapestries.

I am inspired by the mountain, the growing conditions, and the ever-changing weather that is around us. Daily inspirations come from walking the land and seeing the newness of the day and flowers that are in bloom…branches sprawling, dewdrops dripping, vases, hanging flowers and the beauty from a small seed.  

I grew up in a small town in New England on the seacoast of New Hampshire. I remember harvesting Tiger Lilies at a very young age and having a flower stand on the side of the road.  I was always inspired by nature. Growing up with my mother, an Opera singer, artist, needle point master, seamstress and painter, there was always color…tapestries, yarn, beautiful wall paper.  I now realize how much that influenced my passion for color and texture.

When my hands are in the soil and I’m working on the land or I’m arranging flowers in the shop, I feel alive, grounded and inspired…life is simplified in that moment.

Reba takes a very limited number of events each year. To talk with Reba to see if your event is the right fit, please email her reba@harvestdreamgirl.com.